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Are you feeling overwhelmed by a lack of organization at home? Do your closets need careful culling? Is your kitchen lacking logic? Is the playroom perfect pandemonium?

This may sound surprising, but I absolutely LOVE to organize! I LIVE to organize…and, if I do say so myself, I’m good at it! Bring on your cluttered closets and directionless drawers! Set me loose in a basement or kitchen and I will bring a sense of order to it all. 


  • Organizing kitchens so that they can function to their fullest potential
  • Editing items from attics to basements and everything in between
  • Creating storage in closets that makes sense
  • Beautifying the forgotten spaces such as the garage
  • Transforming "catch-all-spaces"
  • Eliminating clutter


Are you preparing for a move across town or across the street? Sending your student to college?Need a sidekick to help edit and pack? Find storage options? Space plan? Unpack once the moving truck pulls away?

I can help you with any and all aspects of moving management. Sinking my teeth into a new house with so much organizing potential makes me giddy!


  • Preparing your home before you sell, editing, simplifying and staging
  • Working closely with real estate agent in getting home ready to sell and facilitating move
  • Managing all of the details: scheduling movers, utilities, the village, etc.
  • Coordinating the sale or donation of items no longer needed in your new space
  • Getting your college student or recent college grad ready for their move away from home
  • Helping equip vacation home with all the essentials


Are you building a new home? Do you have a project that you need help managing? Do you need someone to represent your best interest?

I am an owner's representative and so much more. I will help you create a home not only beautiful but functional. Projects big or small I can do it all, helping to manage everything from contractors to the cleaning crew. Paying special attention to time frames and budgets, no detail overlooked.


  • Attending site meetings
  • Managing subcontractors
  • Working closely with architects and interior designers
  • Reviewing construction plans with thoughtful consideration to all storage needs
  • Setting up temporary kitchens
  • Coordinating "move in day" with cleaning crew, moving company, landscapers, etc.


Everything was simplified, and orderly. It was so impressive that we ended up doing the whole house in just a few sessions. My husband and kids were thrilled and I felt better about my home than I had in years. She truly is a master of multi-tasking. – Allison T.

I literally met with her once and in 30 days, our storage locker was empty. I loved working with her and she always comes to mind when I need someone to organize and get it done! – Liz P.

Simplify provided a helpful outsider’s view, and Cathleen brought common sense and wisdom to the project. As a family and a home we are now better organized, with more capacity and a newfound appreciation of how to get the most out of our home’s spaces. It’s been wonderful! – Courtney L.

I hosted Thanksgiving this year, and one of the biggest reasons it was easy and enjoyable was that I understood where everything was in my kitchen. I wasn’t overwhelmed with clutter! I am so much happier in my simplified kitchen. – Jackie M.

Busy kids, hectic life, traveling dad, working wife, avoiding strife – Simplify.....a way of life. – Cathy B.

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Let's face it, life can get pretty darn messy. There aren't enough hours in the day to do it all and still make everything look as perfect as the photos on your Pinterest page! Why not forget about the pressure to be perfect and make an effort to simplify things day-to-day? After all, we just want to spend more time with our kids, enjoy family time, and create a nurturing, peaceful home environment.

As a mom of three, I understand how to organize a home so you can accomplish more in less time. I bridge the gap between form and function so your home will be beautifully functional. From a well appointed kitchen to a closet designed to the exact specifications of your wardrobe, my attention to detail is remarkable. This is what I do and I do it well. I guess you could say it's in my DNA.